Our Disclaimers NO Windshield Recalibration

Our List of Disclaimers

Before you have your vehicle serviced by EPIC AUTO GLASS in Los Angeles, California, you need to be aware of and agree to certain clauses. Please, visit this page again to see the full set of our disclaimers.

Reserved Rights

EPIC AUTO GLASS reserves the right to refuse any product or service to anyone at any time for any reason stated or not stated!


EPIC AUTO GLASS takes every possible effort to make sure your windshield install is as safe as it can be, however, we are human and humans can make mistakes, therefore we ask that before leaving, you verify the following; the hood is fully latched down as to not be able to fly up during driving.

If your latch is broken and you are using a rope, bungee, or any other tie-down, you must secure this yourself. We will secure initially but you must untie and retie. A new windshield is held in with Dow U-428 Plus Auto Glass windshield Urethane Primer Less Adhesive Glue Sealant and takes 1-3 hours to cure enough to be able to have an accident at 45 MPH and still hold. We recommend that you not drive your vehicle during this time for safety reasons. If you do decide to drive your car you must wear your seat belt, Maintain slow speeds, no more than 45 mph and drive with Extreme Caution!!

Newer vehicles with ADAS- Advance Driver Assistance System Safety Features, your vehicle may need to be re-calibrate after your windshield has been replaced the electronics or sensors device cameras attached to your windshield require the ADAS Safety System to be re-calibrated in order for your vehicle’s safety features to operate correctly. THE CUSTOMER MUST COMPLETE THE WINDSHIELD RE-CALIBRATION at ANOTHER SHOP of YOUR CHOICE.

Epic Auto Glass will NOT Re-Calibrate a Windshield.

EPIC AUTO GLASS does not accept any liability for any damages as a result of driving your car prior to the recommended wait time, usually 1 hour in cold temps and 2-3 hours in hot temps. If we put tape on your windshield, this should be removed no earlier than 24 hours after install time, but no longer than 36 hours due to residue.

Liability of Damage

EPIC AUTO GLASS does not accept liability for damage done to your car if left outside overnight or after business hours. Some parts which need to be removed and replaced during your installation such as wiper arms, wiper assembly’s, Cowling, reusable moldings, channels, gaskets, clips and screws, and all of their counterparts can become brittle, dry rotted, and weak after time and ware.

If any of these parts break or strip during install, we do not accept responsibility for them. This happens more often in older cars more than 10 years old but can happen in new cars as well with the cheaper lower-quality plastic parts being used by manufacturers today.

Existing Rust

EPIC AUTO GLASS cannot warranty any windshield when rust is already present during the time of install, unless the vehicle is taken to a licensed body shop for corrective action and EPIC AUTO GLASS is satisfied with such repair and receives a copy of the invoice, then all warranty’s will be in full effect so long as the body shop warranty’s their work.

Although we do the minor repair for rust totaling less than 6 inches combined, we are not a body shop and cannot warranty those repairs or any damage that follows.

Windshield Repair

EPIC AUTO GLASS does not accept any liability for a windshield cracking further during the repair process. The chances of this happening are rare but have happened. The repaired damage will not go completely away.

There will be some scarring left behind on all repairs, some more than others depending on the type of damage, but is guaranteed not to crack further or you get your money back or applied to a new windshield.

Aftermarket Parts

EPIC AUTO GLASS will do everything we can to put your belongings back as they were when you arrived, i.e.: Radar Detectors, Remote Start ant., Oil change Stickers, Parking Placards, Compass, Satellite radios, GPS Systems, IPASS, and any other aftermarket parts.

Although we will be as careful as we can with these items, we do not accept any liability for damage done to these items during the removal or replacement of them due to unknown prior damage or fatigue.

If you are concerned about these things, you may want to remove them and replace them yourself. If an item is already removed, we will not install it. We try to return your vehicle the way we received it.

Furthermore, we do not accept any liability for fines or fees due to parking placards or stickers that were accidentally not put back in the correct spot or not put on at all. We ask that you verify the correct positioning and placement of any critical items before driving off with the vehicle.

Also, we will not remove any expired stickers from your old glass unless requested by you, unless it is a Department of Defense sticker in which case we will leave uninstalled in an envelope in your car to turn back in to the D.O.D.


We don’t accept payment by insurance and cheque.

We Collect Tax Charges As Well Which Get Charged on Credit Card Transaction

Any balance due from you is due on completion of your install. All credit card transactions are charged a 3% surcharge for swiped cards and a 4% surcharge for Keyed transactions. Cash has no surcharges.

After leaving the shop or driving on the first day, follow the following rules:

  1. Wear your seat belt at all times (It’s the Law).
  2. Take it easy when driving over r/r tracks and potholes.
  3. Stop slowly for stop signs and red lights and traffic.
  4. When driving on the highway, make sure you keep a safe distance between your car and the one ahead to prevent a rear-end accident. If you have an accident today your windshield may not hold and your airbags may not deploy correctly.
  5. Do not wash your car for 7 days in an automatic wash; you may wash by hand after 3 days but no pressure washing for 7 days.
  6. Remove windshield tape (if used) in the following 2 days.
  7. Do not slam your doors and leave at least 1 window cracked to let the airflow out when closing your doors. If it is raining close the window fully but take extra caution closing the door slowly.
  8. If you had a back windshield installed, all of the top rules apply plus you cannot drive with your windows open, you may crack your windows about an inch. Use your A/C in lieu. Why? The massive amount of air pressure on the highway with windows fully open could cause the back window to fly out due to the urethane not being fully cured and this could cause a catastrophic accident on the highway to anyone behind you!

Tempered Glass

When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into a billion little pieces for the occupant’s safety. We will do our best to vacuum (fee apply) up the glass (No Car Detailing) from all visible areas, but there will be some fine particles left behind that we cannot get up with our small vacuum.

You should take your car to a car wash where they have the large industrial vacuums to get up these particles or have it detailed. If you have a car seat in your car, we recommend (replace it with a new one) you remove the fabric and wash it and  inspect it prior to putting your child back in the seat.

Laminated Glass is a type of safety glass for windshield and car side windows for use on vehicles, in the event of breaking holds together when shattered. invented in 1903 by french chemist E. Benedictus (1878- 1930)



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