Windshield Replacement service in Los Angeles, CA

A quick phone call or just a few clicks gets you the high-quality products and service you need—the very same day. Our large on-site inventory means we have the right windshield for your car or truck when you call.  Can’t make it in? We’ll come to you. Our convenient Pickup & Deliver services are second to none.

Why Choose Our Windshield Replacement Service?

1. Superior Quality Materials
When it comes to windshield replacement, we understand that durability and longevity are paramount. That’s why we source our materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring that every windshield we install is of the highest quality. Our team of experts carefully selects each component, guaranteeing that you receive a replacement windshield that meets or exceeds industry standards. By opting for our service, you can rest assured knowing that your new windshield will provide excellent visibility and protection for years to come.

2. Skilled and Certified Technicians
At Epic Auto Glass, we believe that the success of any windshield replacement service lies in the hands of skilled technicians. Our team consists of highly trained and certified professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in replacing windshields for a wide range of vehicles. With their expertise, they can handle various makes and models, ensuring that your windshield replacement is performed with precision and care.

3. Timely and Convenient Service
We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we strive to provide a windshield replacement service that is both efficient and convenient. Our streamlined process ensures that your vehicle receives prompt attention, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine. With our commitment to timely service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your windshield replacement will be completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, allowing you to get back on the road swiftly and safely.

The Windshield Replacement Process
Step 1:
Thorough Assessment
Before proceeding with any windshield replacement, our team conducts a thorough assessment of your vehicle. This assessment enables us to identify the specific requirements and determine the best course of action. We carefully inspect the damage, considering factors such as the size, location, and severity of the cracks or chips. This meticulous evaluation ensures that we provide you with the most accurate recommendations tailored to your unique situation.

Step 2: Professional Removal
Once the assessment is complete, our skilled technicians proceed with the removal of the damaged windshield. Using specialized tools and techniques, they ensure the safe extraction of the old windshield, taking utmost care to prevent any further damage to your vehicle. Our professionals follow industry best practices, adhering to stringent safety standards throughout the entire removal process.

Step 3: Precision Installation
With the damaged windshield removed, our technicians move on to the installation phase. We utilize advanced adhesive systems and modern installation methods to ensure a seamless fit and secure bond between the new windshield and your vehicle. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees that the replacement windshield is aligned correctly, preserving the structural integrity of your vehicle while maintaining the manufacturer’s specifications.

Step 4: Thorough Clean-up
After the installation is complete, we conduct a thorough clean-up of the work area. Our technicians remove any debris, ensuring that your vehicle is left in pristine condition. We understand the importance of a clean and polished finish, which is why we pay meticulous attention to every detail, leaving no trace of the replacement process behind.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
At Epic Auto Glass, your satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that

We Come to You

You’ve got better things to do with your time than sit around and wait. Take advantage of our Mobile Replacement options or if you don’t have a place for us to work, we offer a Pickup & Deliver service that’s second to none. Our mobile vans are fully equipped with all the tools we need to get the job done right, from broken tempered glass clean-up to heavy industrial and agricultural equipment.

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